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The taxi industry and ecological taxis in the greater Montreal area.

Would you like to learn more about the taxi industry and ecological taxis in the greater Montreal area and its surroundings? At Taxi Bonjour Montreal, we are always happy to provide you with all kinds of relevant information on the taxi industry!

Tariff fluctuation

Can prices go up?

The law states that taxis in the province of Quebec cannot increase their fees based on particular circumstances, supply or demand. Holidays such as Christmas, New Years or Valentine's Day, or congestion are not reasons to price upward. By choosing Taxi Bonjour Montreal, you avoid unpleasant surprises!


Tax evasion

The taxi industry is important to Quebec

The taxi industry is important to Quebec, as are many other industries. We remain transparent with you and do not hesitate to provide you with information. Still have questions? We will answer them!

Eco-friendly taxis

Taxi drivers are increasingly turning to green vehicles due to increasing pollution and high fuel prices.

To reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, taxi owners opt for hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius V and the Toyota Camry, which have good range and a reasonable purchase price. The Tesla S and the Tesla X are therefore avoided because they are too expensive (over $ 100,000) to be replaced every eight years. The brands KIA SOUL and NISSAN LEAF are however interesting for an electric turn. Unfortunately, their range (100 km) is still insufficient for the needs of a taxi which has to run all day. Would you like to know our price for a trip from Montreal airport to another destination? Consult our price list provided for this purpose!

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